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03 August

Str8 Guys Wrestle Nude

Str8 Hell

I wanted to do a wresetling with Pavel Sokolik and had Boris set it up, with Dmitry Vorobev as his opponent as they looked to be evenly matched, in size and build. After warming up, helping each other with stretching exercises, the guys get into the match. The first round is hard fought, with Dmitry coming out on top. Then the guys remove their underwear for the remainder of the bout. Dmitry wins the second round too, after some hard fought exertions. Pavel is fighting well, and looks to be getting into his stride in the third round, but Dmitry refuses to submit and eventually takes the round himself. They look great as their naked bodies are entwined with each other, fighting for supremacy. Despite all his efforts Pavel is having a bit of a problem with Dmitry, who extends his lead. But Pavel wins the 6th round to get his first point on the board. Dmitry isn’t about to succumb though and the next two rounds are shared, with Dmitry straining a shoulder in the process. With some strenous effort Dmitry takes the next two rounds, in the process Pavel suffers, as he encounters Dmitry’s stranglehold. The guys then oil each others bodies, before starting to wrestle again, making things more difficult for them. Although Pavel fights well and manages to take another round it is Dmitry who wins the match, by 10 to 3. Pavel is sporting enough to hold Dmitry’s hand aloft, in recognition of his victory and the guys then settle down to wank. They get their cocks hard and then wank each other for a while. Pavel then rewards Dmitry for his victory, by sucking his cock. Dmitry is then ready to shoot his load and deliver some nice creamy cum. But he isn’t finished and graciously returns the sucking favor by going down on Pavel’s dick. Pavel enjoys the sucking and is soon ready to blow. He shoots his cum all over the wrestling mats. Then guys then clean each others dicks before going off to the shower to wash up. This was a very good match, with both guys giving their best efforts in everything.

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